Membership & Pricing

Features BASIC
29 /month
319 / year
39 / month
429 / year
Multiple Yachts
Number of Vessels One One Unlimited
Users 3 Unlimited2 Unlimited
Assign Tasks
Report Issues
Trip’s Log
Additional Equipment
30-day FREE trial3 30-day FREE trial3 Contact Us
1. Native App available for Android and iOS platforms

2. Users are unlimited during the first year (offer expires December 31st, 2017)

3. 30 day free trial for Basic, Premium and Yacht Manager memberships.

Features Freelance Captain
19 USD / Month
200 USD / Year
Number of Vessels Multiple
Users 1
Report Issues
Trip's Log
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1-day FREE trial3
1. Native App available for Android and iOS platforms

2. Freelance Captain pays daily only when he uses the app for a scheduled trip

3. 1 day complimentary trial on the Freelance Captain membership


No, Enjoy Yacht Management is fully web-based. You need no additional software or downloads except for the app itself.

You can easily set up and monitor yacht management tasks through their completion, and it’s as easy to use as looking at a picture.

Enjoy App help you SAVE money! If your crew don’t do all the preventive maintenance needed, you will end up spending thousands of dollars in corrective maintenance that wasn’t supposed to happened and worst of all is that you didn’t even use your boat!

Yes, your to-do list is fully yours. It’s totally customizable to the tasks you require and the timeframe that you choose.

Your crew will receive a task alert on their smartphone when a task arises for them to do.

Once the task is completed, the crew must take a picture to validate it.
Then all the info is stored on the cloud.