The ENJOY Yacht Management app

it’s main objective is for you to focus on capture unforgettable moments with your friends and family.

The ENJOY Yacht Management app helps make boat maintenance and yacht management a snap, efficiently organizing the tasks and chores that come along with maintaining a well running boat so that you can maximize the precious time you get to spend with friends and family on your boat. If you’ve ever thought about all the time and energy you put into boat maintenance —and worrying about boat maintenance — and thought “there has to be a better way,” then this app is for you.

ENJOY Yacht Management is the latest, cloud-based, most innovative way to revolutionize the way you spend your time out on the water.


How ENJOY Yacht Management Works

Enjoy Yacht Management essentially turns your COMPUTER and smartphone into a portable, electronic filing cabinet that contains all the information you need for secure and efficient yacht maintenance.

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The main advantages of the Enjoy Yacht Management app are as follows:

Create your Team

Create your crew, owner, vendor
user’s, each user has different

Keep track of your yacht(s)

Manage more than one vessel with
the same master user, even with
the same or different crew.

Keep track of your crew

Schedule tasks for your crew
and keep track of their

Create your Trips

Let your crew know when you are
planning to have a trip. It will also,
automatically, create a trip log.

Maintenance Log

Schedule a maintenance with your
vendor. It will also, automatically,
create a maintenance log.
(coming soon)


Create custom reports of tasks
performed, trip log and
maintenance log.

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